Headshot of Sergei Panov

Russian-born violinist Sergei Panov wishes to instill a love for music, self-expression, and self-realization in his students. Teaching violin in a direct, simple, and goal-oriented way is his mission in life. At the age of 12, after growing up in St. Petersburg, he emigrated with his family to New Jersey in the United States. With a mother who teaches piano, and a father who builds musical instruments, Sergei naturally gravitated toward music and education. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance at Temple University and served as the concertmaster of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. During his university studies, Sergei realized his true passion was in music education and he has presented on this topic at the New Jersey Music Educators Association Conferences and Rowan University. As orchestra teacher at John Marshall Elementary School in Edison, New Jersey, he now relishes cultivating a love of music with younger generations.

To reach Sergei, please send him an email at: sergeipanovpublishing@gmail.com