I personally use and highly recommend these supplies, from beginner through advanced player. Buying supplies through my links, helps me create content.

Shoulder Rest -
Everest with collapsible legs & colors
Picture of the suggested shoulder rest, Everest Shoulder rest with collapsable legs. One of the best ways to improve the ease of playing and set the player up for success is a good shoulder rest. Everest shoulder rests have been a staple of my music arsenal for a long time now. Anyone who has used other brands of shoulder rests and sponges knows how frustrating it is for the to constantly fall off, especially during a performance. The unique feature of the Everest shoulder rests is that the feet have extra rubber pieces to improve grip. Not only that, they are much more affordable than those other premium brands. Plus, the collapsible legs make it easy to fit virtually into any case.

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Strings-Evah Pirazzi -
Intermediate & Advanced Player
Picture of suggested string for intermediate and advance player, Evah Pirazzi. Strings is definitely one of the best bangs for the buck when it comes to upgrading your instrument. Evah Pirazzi have been my favorite for a long time. Be sure to have a professional luthier or teacher who knows how to properly change strings, as it’s very easy to break them and they are usually non-refundable/returnable. Don’t go for Gold E, because it tends to squeal a lot. Most violins will take a Ball E, not loop.

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Strings-Red Label -
Beginner Player
Picture of suggested strings for beginner students, Red Label. The Red Label super sensitive strings are robust, keep their tune, and produce a loud sound. Many of the entry level strings go out of tune very easily and don’t produce a loud sound. As a beginner, you want something that is easy to play, stays in tune, and lasts a long time.

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Strings-Prelude -
Beginner Player
Picture of suggested strings for beginner students, Red Label. The D'Addario Prelude strings are another great choice for the beginner string player. They provide a much warmer tone than the Red Label, but in my experience they do not stay in tune as well as the Red Labels. It's a trade off like all things.

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Rosin -
Super Sensitive Clarity
Picture of suggested rosin, Clarity by Super Sensitive. Rosin is usually one of the most overlooked string supplies. Although the cheap brick rosin works, a good rosin not only provides better playing feel, but also can be very cool. Clarity rosin is hypoallergenic and comes in really cool colors such as purple and pink

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Metronome -
Seiko SQ-50
Picture of suggested metronome, Seiko SQ-50. This is a fantastic metronome. Why spend the $25 on something that you can get for free with google metronome you ask? It’s the most practical and effective way to practice. It’s loud, easily adjustable, with a visual aid (the red blinking dot) and it gives you an A. Out of all the metronomes I’ve tried and used, I always come back to the Seiko. It’s simple and it works. Every player should own one.

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Peg Compound -
Hill - Original
Picture of suggested peg compound, to prevent pegs from slipping and making pegs easy to turn, Hill Original peg compound. Stuck pegs make playing your instrument impossible. Whether you're an advanced player or a teacher, having this easy-to-use peg stick is a life saver. Simply take out the peg, apply this compound to the parts that go through the peg box, and you'll have stable and easy to turn pegs.

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Fine Tuner Lubricant -
Picture of suggested fine tuner lubricant, Music Noman Fine Tuner Lubricant. Hard to turn fine tuners ruin your practice or lesson quickly. Apply this product to fine tuner, and tuning will be a breeze. Simply drive the finer tuner all the way out, apply a little amount of lubricant inside the fine tuner hole and on the threads of the fine tuner screw, and drive the fine tuner all the way back in. After applying this product, even the most stubborn fine tuners usually work after applying this product.

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Book about the science of the violin -
Practical Acoustics of Instruments of the Violin Family: Bridging Science and Art
Picture of suggested fine tuner lubricant, Music Noman Fine Tuner Lubricant. Undertanding practical science about how the violin works has been instrumental in helping me teach in a clear and direct manner. Practical Acoustics... should be a must read for all string players. We spend all this time practicing, without a clear understanding of how our instrument works. This is a great resource for written tests and standardized test for High School student growth objectives as well. A wealth of information. Highly recommend reading this book.

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Violin Wall Hook -
Creative way to practice more
Wall hook                   for violin This is one of the most creative ways to practice more! Constant visual reminders and ease of access increase practice time! Keeping the violin out of it's case and in front of you works.

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